Masquerade FAQ

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Got a question about the Masquerade? It may be answered here! This is our Frequently Answered Questions section.

Q: What do I need for workmanship judging?
A:If you are entering in for workmanship judging, please provide a clear reference photo of the costume. Not everyone knows what a Cyndaquil looks like!
If possible, please provide multiple reference pictures from different angles, as it enables the judges to be more accurate when considering your work. You may also wish to provide photos of

Q: How many awards are there, and how are they determined?
A: The Judges may choose not to give out any awards in a division if they do not feel any costumes entered in that division are deserving of an award. What the judges decide, goes. They will be deciding in a fair and considerate manner, following the ICG Guidelines.

Q: I’m worried I’ll be disqualified!
A: This will obviously only happen if the masquerade rules are broken, if someone violates the general convention rules, or if they violate hotel policy. The Masquerade Director reserves the right to eliminate anyone from the competition at her discretion.

Q: I require assistance with my costume, who do I talk to?
A: If you know ahead of time that you’ll need help getting around, please write it down on your registration sheet. We will assign a stage ninja to help you. If you find out that you require help after you register, please let either your Den Mom or Den Dad, or one of the Masquerade staff know and they will arrange for a stage ninja or other volunteer to assist you. If something goes wrong with your costume while in the Green Room, please notify your Den Mom or Den Dad and they will get you help.

Q: What happens if I’m late to check-in?
A: Generally a few minutes shouldn’t hurt your chances of performing, but severe lateness probably will. If you are going to be detained and have some way of notifying a friend to tell us, please do so with your time of arrival. It will be at the discretion of the Masquerade Director whether or not she can hold your place, however an update will greatly improve those chances.

Q: Why can’t I use live steel on stage?
A: Easy. Someone could get hurt, including you. You can’t have live steel anywhere in the convention, for that matter.

Q: Can I use bad language in my skit, and where is the line?
A: Bad language is basically anything that the average parent would not want their children to hear. The line is a matter of severity. Use your best judgement and think of being in polite company. ConBravo! and its Masquerade are meant to be for all ages, and we ask that our contestants respect that.

Q: What happens if my skit goes over time?
A: Our general policy is to cut the audio if a skit runs longer than the allotted time. At that point, performers are asked to leave the stage and may be disqualified for breaking the rules. We ask that our performers respect the limited amount of time we have to run the event, as well as the fact that other individuals or groups require time onstage as well.

Got a question that wasn’t answered here? Email the Masquerade Director at and she will be positively delighted to answer any question you have!