Whether you love consoles, PCs, LAN, tabletop, deck-building, wargaming, or LARPing, ConBravo! has a place for you. We host hundreds of games over the weekend, with nostalgic speedruns on 8- and 16-bit consoles, incredible Magic drafts, great roleplaying games, and a multitude of other delights.

We will be announcing our full gaming plans for 2016 shortly.

Freeplay & Competitive

We've got speedruns, fighting tournaments, and all kinds of great modern and retro freeplay at your disposal, from top-tier Smash competitions to settling in with a good ol' run of Super Mario Bros. 3.

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Tabletop Gaming

Settlers of Catan, practitioners of Magic, veterans of Warmachine – this is your battleground, your island, your dungeon crawl. From tournaments and drafts to freeplay and campaigns, we've got a table for you.

Tabletop Gaming Schedule
PC Gaming

PC Gaming

Presented in association with Microsoft, our PC Gaming lounge includes a wide variety of gaming-ready devices for both mobile and desktop. Systems available for play will include the Surface Book, Asus ROG G752, Alienware 15 x51, and Predator 17.

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The Arcade

ConBravo! features an awesome throwback arcade, with everything from Street Fighter III: Third Strike to Dance Dance Revolution, Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3, Ms. Pac-Man, and a whole lot more.

The Arena

The Arena is our live gaming section. Whether it's our incredible NERF war, great LARP battles and boffer tournaments, or doing battle over a troll's head and the right to swing it into a basket, the Arena is always action-packed.