Karma System

Karma System 2016-06-14T23:35:51+00:00

Our Karma System is point-based, allowing volunteers, gamerunners, panelists, and other members of the convention the opportunity to cash in rewards based on their contributions.

One Karma Point (KP) can be earned per valued task. A certain amount of karma points can then be exchanged for rewards. You may also be awarded bonus KP for exceptional performance such as being an MVP amongst our volunteers, receiving a commendation from your players as a gamerunner, or presenting an exceptionally helpful or informative panel. Points carry over between tasks and may be combined to earn greater rewards. You must have been approved for each contributing activity to participate in it, however.

To earn KP, please see the chart below. The KP earned is determined by the station, per the hours indicated.
[table id=4 /]

To exchange KP for rewards, please see the chart below:
[table id=5 /]