Tupper Ware Remix Party

Tupper Ware Remix PartyElite Rock Star Squad from the Future

The retro-electro synth-rock group that is TWRP has been bombarding dance floors throughout Canada and across the world since their conception in 2007. In witnessing one of TWRP’s incendiary live performances, people instantly recognize the diverse inspirations of the quartet’s unique style – the influences of 80s music & pop culture, old-school funk, modern electronic, and rock and roll, all smashed into an astonishingly broadly-appealing sound, aesthetic, and hijinks. TWRP is unique in the way that the group does not rely solely on the conventional requirements of what constitutes a good band such as songwriting and musicianship, but rather it excels in these while also expertly fusing showmanship, schtick, and humour into their music.

Originally from Nova Scotia, Canada, and now residing in Toronto, Ontario, the group not only possesses substantial and loyal followings in their own country where they consistently sell out legendary venues such as the Marquee Ballroom (Halifax) and the Horseshoe Tavern (Toronto), but they have also found a global audience. Extensive touring throughout Canada’s clubs and college circuit over the past several years has been punctuated by international tours to the USA and even to China, where the band played to over 30,000 people at a string of festival dates in 2013. The band has also independently released two EPs over the past three years, which have together sold thousands of copies, in large part through online sales to their global fanbase. Their debut animated music video released in May 2015 for their single “The Hit” off the 2nite EP also gained substantial buzz, receiving nearly half a million youtube views within its first month. They also work extensively with the comedy rock hit Ninja Sex Party and have performed together at shows such as Chris Hadfield’s Generator and MAGFest