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  • A Cat’s Drawings

    : K08
  • ALB

    : O04
    ALB is a tiny Illustrator and YouTuber living in Toronto. She likes small dogs, 80’s toys, and mango juice.
  • Alex Chow

    : M11
    Alex Chow is a Canadian illustrator who specializes in fantasy character designs, bearing years of professional experience in video games, card games, and other entertainment media.
  • Alpha-Wave Productions

    : L05-B
  • Angel Creations Art

    : O03
  • Chained Creativity

    : O12
    Handcrafted chainmaille jewelry, accessories and costume pieces.
  • Combotron Robot

    : M12-A
    The Combotron Robot was built to draw older video games and play SNES puzzle games, programmed for optimal Tetris Attack combos and chains.
  • COVEN x x CosQueen

    : O01
    We are a three girl studio collaboration from Toronto that specialize in jewellery, accessories, wigs, plushies and home decor!
  • Craft Hackers

    : M01
    Craft Hackers is excited to feature Toni of Quiltoni with her quilts and Megan of Absynthetika with her corsets to ConBravo!.
  • Cypri Art

    : P01
    Cypri is an illustrator based out of Toronto with a heavy influence from video games, monsters and creatures.
  • Designs by Corky-Lunn

    : M08
    Custom geeky Nintendo 3DS cases, prints, buttons, keychains and more!
  • Don Ahe

    : K04-A
    Don Ahe is the creator of the webcomic “Road Apples Almanac” and currently lives in Dundas, Ontario. His latest project “Yontengu” is a sci-fi graphic novel collaboration with American artist/author Christopher Baldwin.
  • Dr. Zoltar Mulvrais’ Arcane Laboratories

    : I01
  • Dragonstorm Studios

    : Q02
  • Drew “hythrain” Byrne

    : L03
  • Fancy Tuna Comics

    : K06
    We’re a collective of comic creators from Ontario who love making fun and meaningful stories.
  • From Planet Weird

    : P03-B
    Richard Willson from Toronto is a cartoonist, illustrator and lover of weird, wondrous and nerdy things.
  • Geek @ <3 & Xanworx

    : I04
  • H.Trancy Art

    : K09-B
  • Homemade Horrors by Worms and Bones

    : L01
  • Hunter Geek

    : Q01
  • I Am Arg!

    : K05
    Andrew Gregoire is a Toronto based character animator and humourist, best known for his webcomic “ARG!”. ARG! is a nerd humour comic about a young couple coming to terms with their impending adulthood.
  • IdentityPollution

    : M04
  • Ippus

    : L07
  • Jakface

    : O02
    Jakface is a comic artist & illustrator from Vancouver, BC who enjoys making fanart of her favourite video games and comics, including Dragon Age, Far Cry 4, Legend of Zelda and Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure
  • Jalbhenn

    : K03
    Jake Kalbhenn (Jalbhenn) travels to conventions across Canada every year bringing along vibrant and inspiring fan-illustrations with focus on colour and composition.
  • Kate Cunning Illustration

    : L10
  • Knightmares & Daydreams

    : O14
  • Kokomix

    : M06-A

    : P03-A
  • Kuko Creations

    : O10
    Kuko Creations makes creative vintage-styled steampunk and geek jewelry and accessories.
  • Langdon Krasilowez

    : M12-B
    Langdon illustrates, draws comics, and is a demon summoner hobbyist.
  • Laura Bennett

    : M02-A
  • LemoneeCreations

    : I05-A
    I create one of the kind hand sculpted polymer clay jewellry and accessories such as earrings and pendants.
  • Lia Amari/Ocean Shimmer Productions

    : L02
    Art and anime have been pretty consistent in my life, and now I’m finally making a career out of it
  • Linkara

    : L11
    Lewis “Linkara” Lovhaug is known on the internet for reviewing bad comic books, doing retrospectives on Power Rangers!, and creating a movie that is mighty and awesome
  • Linzb0t

    : M03
    Lindsay “linzb0t” Collins is an illustrator who frequently works on video games. Most recently she art directed the WayForward game “Cat Girl without Salad” She also frequently collaborates with the Game Grumps and Mortem3r!
  • Lunarbaboon

    : K04-B
    The comic Lunarbaboon chronicles the daily struggles of a 30 something father dealing with depression, anxiety, and raising a family. It is a tribute to the bond between father and child, as well as husband and wife.
  • Maureen Creates

    : O11
  • McKay & Gray

    : L06
    McKay & Gray Publications is run by Ursula Gray and Bones McKay, they specialize in LGBT+ comics and illustrated fiction.
  • Meg Simmons (Megzilla87)

    : O06-A
    Meg Simmons is a layout/background artist and huge fan art junkie from Toronto currently working in the animation industry.
  • Michelle Scribbles

    : P05
    Michelle Simpson (Michelle Scribbles) is an illustrator and Graphic Designer: she Graduated from Sheridan College with a BAA in Illustration, and draws her inspiration from the outdoors and her childhood experiences.
  • Mike Lambert

    : M03
    Mike Lambert is a game artist and animator. His credits include Binding of Isaac Rebirth, Cat Girl without Salad and Cave Story 3D.
  • miss jiru / t42 art

    : M05
    Jill Secord is a female illustrator/graphic designer of the Canadian-Filipino variety that enjoys cooking, video games, yoga, and tea. She is not related to Laura Secord, although she has nothing against free chocolates.
  • Mowgen

    : I02-A
    Mowgen is a decoden art shop that sells handmade phone cases, tablet cases, and sculptures.
  • Nappin’ Kraken Crafts

    : O07
  • Neverwares

    : O13
    Neverwares: invoking a sense of nostalgia and showcasing the exceptional craftsmanship of vintage machinery by giving people a wearable piece of history
  • Nino Vecia

    : N04
    Nino Vecia is a Toronto based freelance illustrator and graphic designer
  • NiXAX

    : P04
    NiXAX the Rabbit enjoys drawing fan art, discovering dope music, seeking unique fashion items, and skateboarding.
  • Ocean in Space

    : K01
    Oceantann, owner of “Ocean In Space”, is an illustrator and newly-turned fashion designer from London, Ontario. She’s been active on social media websites as a fan artist and character designer, branching out into fashion.
  • ofSkySociety

    : N02
  • Pappomut

    : M02-B
    Just doodles for fun
  • Pixel Visions

    : K02
    We feature 3d Perler Bead and sculpture work to fulfill all your nerdy decorating needs
  • PixelCollieCreations

    : I02-B
    Custom Amiibo Artist & Miniature Crafter
  • PlumLi

    : N03
    PlumLi is an indie comic book writer that likes to draw stories about asymmetric ghosts and Chinese stuff.
  • Portly Possum

    : L01
  • Practically Geeky

    : I03
    For anything crafty, geeky, and useful for the everyday, Practically Geeky has what you’re looking for!
  • Prouse Pottery & Soap Co.

    : O08
  • R0cket Cat

    : I05-B
  • Rancid Yogurt

    : M09
    Known for her bright and bold colours, she recently worked on ‘Huniecam Studio’ designing new characters, as well as outfits and hairstyles.

    : L09
    Hello, please bring me food. I’m always hungry due to my horizontailly growing body. Thank you come again
  • Rebel Rabbit Publishing Ltd

    : K07
  • Rianko Sugar

    : O06-B
    Aesthetic-tainted fan art and doujin merchandise
  • Ruori

    : O05-B
  • Sacari Art

    : P06
    Sacari Art will be back at ConBravo! this year with lots of geeky handmade accessories such as scarves, hair bows, and also paper goods including bookmarks, stickers and more!
  • Sam Engstrom

    : M07
  • Stone Cold Creations

    : L12
  • Storm Cup Creations

    : I06
  • Temmie Chang

    : L08
    Tem is an illustrator and animator who works on video games sometimes. She contributed heavily to Undertale, the new hotness that’s taken Steam and the internet by storm, and has been immortalized in the game as “Tem”.
  • The Rice Hat Samurai Studio

    : Q03
    Crafter and designer of wearable geekery and chain maille accessories.
  • The Sewing Sheep

    : O09
    Handmade bags and plushies, stitching and geeking collide!
  • Tina Tran

    : K09-A
    Tina Tran is an illustrator based out of Toronto who was raised by Disney, Studio Ghibli and magical girls.
  • Toronto Comics Anthology

    : L04
  • Tracy Harris

    : M06-B
    Tracy is an artist and animator from Edmonton now doing her thing in the GTHA.
  • Vanessa Ricci-Thode

    : L05-A
    Vanessa is a word sorceress using her magic to write geeky short stories on demand and fantasy novels full of dragony goodness.
  • Versiris

    : M10
    I’m an independent t-shirt designer, illustrator and animator that specializes in art inspired by video games
  • Vince Price

    : P02
  • xfreischutz

    : O05-A
    Painting the way of l’art ancien de l’art nouveau.
  • Yummy Suika

    : N01
  • Zeekayart

    : M07
    Zee’s cute art corner, plus muscles… MUSCLES CAN BE CUTE
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